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My Halloween celebration 2011

Technically Halloween is not a tradition or custom in the Netherlands. Although there has been an increase in activities concerning this happy occasion. But being the huge (horror) movie fan that I am I do have my own little tradition which is a  mini horror movie marathon. My aim is always to watch as many movies as possible. But sadly we humans get tired and sleepy. Any way,I was able to see three movies and this time I did take breaks in between. 

I started with a Norwegian slasher called Cold Prey.

And I must say it was a good one. Not many surprises but still it did what it had to do. And for once I did not want the characters to die. And that is credit to the actors. Although the premise is a little too convenient. I mean these people went snowboarding in the middle of nowhere and seemed like they weren't prepared for any accident or event that might have ruined their plans. Nitpicking. I read that there were two sequels and I liked this one so much that I am certainly going to check out the sequel. 

Next  in line was Body 19.

What can I say about this movie? Is it good? Yes it is. Is it scary? Some scenes are. But in essence Body 19 suffers from the same illness many Hollywood movies do. Overkill in sound and visual effects. Sure it looks great. And two times even effective to a point that you only could cry out WTF. But too many times it looked too fake. Example: There is this cat prancing around. And if it didn't meowed I would not been able to tell you it was a cat. Also there was a scene including barbed wire which should have looked really painful and in stead it looked like the victim did not feel anything. These sequences do look good but in the end hurt the movie more than it helps. One major issue that Body 19 drags too much. Especially the ending. What could have been told in one scene and smart editing took forever. They tried to explain too much. Which was completely unnecessary. If this movie would have been shorter and more to the point than the ending would have had more impact. Nevertheless it still has an impact. Overall not bad but clearly too ambitious for it's own good.

The third and last was a Norwegian movie (again) from 2009 and called Dead Snow. 

With this movie I had the most fun. Why? Because it was fast paced, funny, action packed and paid tribute to Evil Dead. Any movie who does that deserves credit in my book. No, but seriously Dead Snow has all the elements of what a good horror movie should contain. It doesn't take itself too seriously and even provides some genuine thrills. And that is how it should be.

Overall I had a good time watching these movies even if I dozed off a little during the second one.

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