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I love it when a videogame proves me wrong!

In this particular case, I am talking about Half Life 2. But it could also be a gem like Castlevania Symphony of the Night. While I love to play old school games from time to time, those games are far more challenging than the current ones, which isn't always what I am in the mood for.

Symphony of the Night is the first 2d version in the Castlevania that I started and finished. Of course, it is the easiest one in the series, especially compared to the older versions. But it got me hungry to play these older games as well. Now back to Half Life 2. Since it is an FPS, I totally ignored this game. With a few exceptions, FPS simply isn't my thing. Unless, there are elements attached to the game play that does make it unique. Whether it be stealth, story or whatever. Playing Half Life 2 for the first time does show promise.

But then this Water Hazard level came, which took forever. It put me off of finishing it because it became somewhat tedious. I mean, it has water, water and more water. But wait, there's more. It has sewers. And nasty critters, one can hardly avoid. Truly a test of your patience. After hearing so much praise, I could not believe the game would continue to be like this. I took a break. Somehow out of nowhere, I felt compelled to play it again. And WOW am I glad I did. After the Water Hazard level, Half Life 2 offered me the unique game play I was craving and how. I noticed that each level does play differently from the other. And that is very rare in a game. Especially in an FPS shooter. I was hooked and played the game as much as I could. What I really liked the most was that Half Life 2 manages to engage you and immerse you in this "War of the Worlds" universe in such a way that it feels like you are in a film. 

So yeah, this game has proved me wrong and am glad it did. Epic game!

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