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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Review Rocketman (1997): Very exhausting!

genre: comedy, science fiction

Rocketman is an exhausting movie to watch. For the right and wrong reasons. A lot of the comedy works because of Harland Williams. He might do the stupidest things but his charm prevents you from disliking him. The wrong reasons are that a lot of the jokes are of the slapstick variety. Which is fine but not if it is too childish. But it is and that is something you have to be in the mood for. It never lets up. It goes from one ridiculous event to another. It is simply too much. There is only so much abuse one can handle. I do remember having seen this film years ago and liking it very much yet can't recall much of it. Upon watching it the second time I remember. It was so overwhelming I blocked it out. Now there are some nice and sweet moments that make you care for the main character. And as I said a lot rides on Harland Williams and you will have a fun time if you can let go of all the ridiculousness that ensues. But can I recommend it? If you watch in the background when chatting to someone then I see why not? Or perhaps to keep your little ones occupied. I mean they will love the crazy antics for sure. To sit down and watch it with full attention though? No!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Review Conan (XBOX360): Fun God of War clone until the final boss!

genre: action, adventure, hack and slash

This has been the first game I have been unable to finish a game because it broke on me. In this case it concerns a very crucial element in the final boss fight where you are forced to press buttons (mini quicktime event) in order to proceed. Not pressing the right button restores the health of Graven (final boss / main villain of the story). Now the first time when I played I briefly saw a button or two. But so briefly that you are required to have a sixth sense or are super fast like The Flash or Quicksilver. The few times after the game wasn't showing any buttons at all. It looked like that the buttons you needed to press were random so very little point of memorizing. Besides even then it would be a real task to press at the exact moment without knowing when that moment is. So I stopped playing. Maybe I could get a hold of another copy then again it's not like finishing this fight will be very rewarding.

Conan is not a tie in to the movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger or the remake. It's a standalone game based on the stories created by Robert E. Howard. There is not that much background on him in the game just that he sought out a powerful weapon and because of that has unleashed an evil wizard who was imprisoned within the statues Conan broke down. He initially only is out to get his armour back he lost but soon after he aids A'kanna to defeat the evil wizard. Even in the films Conan was more ambitious. Luckily we have Ron Perlman who saves the day and breathes some much needed life into the character. 

The one thing this game really shines is the combat. It remains fun especially after you unlock the possible combo's and abilities. Eventually you will retrieve pieces of your armour that have been granted with magical powers. As powers go they can be very effective and handy when you get mobbed by multiple enemies. And mobbed you will be over and over again. I mean it's standard hack and slash stuff really. But strangely enough it rarely feels repetitive or  tedious. Although I played this game in short sessions. Stopping when I got tired of it. One of the neat things of unlocking the combo's is that when you use them often enough you will master them. When you have mastered a particular move and use it you will speed up the effect of the damage and increase the damage. Most of the time this will result into a Song of Death temporarily giving you more power and cutting through your enemies like they are made from butter. So satisfying! At certain points you will be able to extend your health and magical power. You are then required to activate three circles of a certain colour (red, blue and green) at the same time. Most of them are easy to activate. Some of them aren't. Since the game won't allow you to upgrade them. Maybe some of them require you to replay the game. But then there is also some poor and awful platforming that prevented me to bother with upgrading magical powers.

The mechanic of platforming is adequate in itself. No complaints there. But the major problem is the camera. You have no control over it and very often gives you a bad perspective on where to go next. Especially when you are required to jump you can fall to your death very easily. In some cases Conan is forgiving where it let's you start from a checkpoint they made for you instead of having to start from save point. BTW I can't stress enough to save often. I spared myself a lot of agony this way. Because if you don't and you will miss your jump which is going to happen for sure you sometimes will have to fight of all the enemies again. That will get tedious fast. 

Visually Conan doesn't look like much. God of War on the PS2 looks far better. It is clear that this is a low budget title and that the game designers were more focused on the gameplay than on the visuals. And I had not trouble with this at all since slicing and dicing properly is what appeals to me the most in this type of game.

I bought this game for 2,95 Euro. For that I have gotten a lot of fun (until the final boss of course) in return. The combat in this game is excellent and therefore if you are thirsting for some hack and slash goodness you should give this title a chance. And let us hope you will have a copy that won't break or glitch on you at the end. 

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Monday, May 23, 2016


For this list you will have to keep in mind that I have taken the term hack and slash broadly. Of course this is just a selection and more will be added when I get the chance to write the reviews for all the titles I have played thus far. 

All of the titles mentioned are good and fun games that for some reason haven't gotten the attention they deserve. Or have been dismissed as generic titles while they are far from your average games.

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Here a little list of 6 romantic films that I liked very much. Each of them approach the romance in their own unique way. I found all of them to be either very funny or charming. So do check them out if you haven't done so.

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Review Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000): Whether you like it or not one of the better Nicolas Cage films!

genre: action, crime, heist

It is very strange to notice how the original Gone in 60 Seconds gets so much praise and this remake with Nicolas Cage gets bombarded with so much harshness and unfair criticism. Because like it or not it is the better film. Very flawed film which I am not going to deny. But the better film nonetheless. 

Why do I think this? Well, read my review of the original film then you will find out that I wasn't really impressed with that one. In fact I completely forgot having seen it once before. And for me that is a rare thing. Gone in Sixty Seconds is a film I must have seen four or five times since it came out and still manages to entertain me. That already tells me a lot to be frank. One of the reasons is the good cast. I loved how the characters interacted with each other and most of them never took the film that seriously. It's odd that the audience felt do exactly that. Actually there are two groups of people hating on this movie. Fans of the original film and people who have not been subjected to really bad films. Let me first talk about the fans of the original film. These fans didn't care for the story or the characters. They were in it for the stunts and the cars. While I think I could make a case for the cars in the remake it is obvious that the version with Nicolas Cage is less about the cars and more about the characters. So I kinda understand where they are coming from. The other group however are clueless if you ask me. What exactly were they expecting from a film about a bunch of car thieves stealing cars? It's not like it is Shakespeare or something. It's the premise (where main character Memphis Rains has to steal 50 luxury cars within 4 days) that provides the majority of the thrills. How will he pull it off? Will he fail or succeed? Basically this version is a heist movie. And that requires a completely different mindset. 

On top of that this film does give us plenty of stylish action and stunts to keep the action lover happy. And trust me if I say I would be the first to complain of the lack of if it wasn't good. Gone in Sixty Seconds never pretends to be more than it is. Even Nicolas Cage is fully aware that he is in a cheesy film and acts  accordingly as often as possible. Hell even Christopher Eccleston knows he is nothing more than a cartoon villain. Hence him getting upset about a wooden chair he crafted. And let's face it people whether you like it or not this is one of the better Nicolas Cage films. It doesn't look like he is going to making real good ones in a long time so please be more forgiving. An entertaining and fun film. Nothing more and nothing less. 

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Review Le professionnel (1981): Curious action film since Jean- Paul Belmondo has an unique way of doing things!

genre: action, crime, espionage, thriller

Josselin Beaumont (Belmondo) had been given the order to kill President N'Jala, some regent of a fictional African country. But because of the change in politics N'Jala was not being considered an enemy any longer. Instead of retracting the mission the French government sells Joss out and he vows for revenge. 

If anyone else would act like Joss did then I am sure it would be impractical and ineffective. But since we are dealing with Jean-Paul Belmondo the sky is the limit. Whether if it his energy or charm right from when we get introduced to the character he is portraying you are on his side. We actually don't get to know that much about him other than that he does seem to be liked and loved but at the same time is someone who is expandable. Joss is not having this and sets some things in motion. Part of the fun is watching what he will do next. Most of you who have not seen this film will think or assume that Le professionel is a serious affair. But I got a whole other vibe. I can't help but feel that this film is a parody on political thrillers or spy genre of some sort. ( The way the women and the bad guys react to him seemed very Bondesque but then with a French twist.) It also is much more like a Sergio Leone western. Perhaps even a tribute to the director. And this might not be that far fetched as you think since Ennio Morricone does the musical score. The ending if you think about is quite preposterous and almost makes a mockery out of the events portrayed in this film. Or maybe I am over thinking it and it is in fact a simple revenge thriller where main character Josseling has not planned ahead far enough and leaves things to chance for whatever reason. 

Le professionnel  is fascinating and compelling because Jean-Paul Belmondo makes that happen. It could very well be that there was not much to this film in the first place and that he decided to play it like he did to make it more interesting. One that has to be watched for sure.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Review Gone in 60 Seconds (1974): An underwhelming and very forgettable viewing experience!

genre: action, crime

At the time Gone in 60 Seconds with Nicolas Cage came out I was not aware that it was a remake. I discovered this when I saw the title in a sales bin. I remember being curious about it but decided to leave it alone. Then many years after I started noticing how people were raving about the original. How it was superior to the crappy Nic vehicle. I was surprised by people's reactions because unlike them I really liked the remake as it offered unpretentious fun. So finally I decided to watch the original and decide for myself.

Now while watching the film I got this heavy deja vu feeling. And not because of the remake resembling the original. That was to be expected. No, this eerie sense came over me like I had seen the film before but completely forgot about having watched it. Now I do have to tell you that for me this is real rare. I never forget what I have watched unless the title really is so bad or average that it is possible that it has slipped my mind. Then it came back to me that I had the same exact reaction I had back when I watched it. One of utter disappointment and confusion. Because let me tell you that Gone in 60 Seconds is quite bad. I simply could not get into it since it fails to tell their story properly since there hardly is any story. For like what seems ages you hear characters talking but rarely see them having conversations. While they talk we get to see what they are doing (stripping cars and such). Like they were in a rush and could not make time to have proper dialogues next to doing those scenes. I don't know about you but I like to be introduced to characters and learn what they are about. In this film you hear people talking without knowing exactly who is who. Also it sounded like they were reading their dialogue from papers. It would have been nice if the film at least had some real engaging conversations. However director / producer / stuntman / writer and actor H. B. Halicki apparently did not see the need to do this. Consequence is that we see the characters we hardly know getting all busy without actually knowing properly why they are boosting cars. And yes in the dialogue they do mention some things. But like I said these conversations were hardly engaging and I tuned out and even skipped those dialogues. 

Then at one point it happens. The main event people are so raving about. The 40 minute car chase. Sure there are some nice moments. But there is a reason why most chase scenes are short. Since it is hard to maintain tension and thrills for so long. Especially when characters are involved we hardly know and don't care about. Again I tuned out. It simply failed to capture my attention. For a second time mind you. The fact that I forgot all about this film and the famed car chase should be all telling. Before I get accused of having a short attention span. I enjoyed the chase scene in Bullit with Steve McQueen. 

This is one of the few times that I don't agree with the original being superior to the remake. For me this film has been quite underwhelming and disappointing. I honestly don't ask that much. But I do like my car chases to be exciting. And this Gone in 60 Seconds doesn't have those. 

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