Saturday, February 13, 2016

Red light blinking Wiko Sunset 2 (and other Smartphones) / Solution

So I bought this Wiko Sunset 2 yesterday and already it's led light was blinking red. The reason why I purchased this in the first place was because my Acer Liquid Z4 died on me (will get into that another time). Naturally I panicked and got angry. In case you are experiencing the same. Keep cool! ( And by that don't go putting your new battery in your freezer just yet). There is a very simple solution to this problem.

You will discover that not that much info is given on the subject for this particular phone. Not sure why that is but the very few sites and forums that do give info will have you believe the red light blinking is a battery issue. And yes maybe in some cases that might be true. But what if you just got this phone, brand new. Like only used 1 day. Surely that could not be a battery problem? 

First I plugged in the phone in the charger. Red light stopped blinking but still was red. Then I tweaked the settings a little to save up battery consumption. Since the phone indicated that the battery was 98 percent charged I decided to take a leap of faith and reboot the phone just to check if it would still turn on and function as it should. After successfully rebooting the led light was still red. I then decided to use my computer instincts and see if all of this could have been caused by a faulty app, program or perhaps even a virus. To which I decided to use Clean Master. (There might be other apps that will we able to do the same but will have to do some research on that.*) This is an app specialized in android maintenance and came installed on my phone. But I have read you can get it for free from Google Playstore. After a quick scan Clean Master told me that I had 720 MB of junk files on my phone and it told me exactly which files. It even gives you the option to uncheck some of those files in case you know for sure aren't faulty or useless at all. Well, I clicked the clean button and let the junk be removed. And guess what? Immediately the red light turned green. Problem solved!

Obviously the bloated software that comes with your android phone is a huge issue. Most bloated software are Google apps that are forced upon you and you can't remove them without causing other issues. There are ways that can remedy and avoid these issues but will go into that another time. For now Clean Master seems to be effective enough. Word of advice though. Only use it for cleaning cache and junk and do make sure if everything it marks is truly junk. Don't go installing other apps it is advising you to. No need to do at. 

Another reason why your led light might be blinking red (or any other color) is because of an app like Bluemail. Apparently Bluemail has the option (enabled automatically) to notify you of incoming email. This color can be changed to any color you prefer but you can also disable it. Which I can recommend since it will only lead to unnecessary worry and confusion. You can do this by going to your settings menu (see screenshots):

- Click on more in menu below screen in account 
- then click on notifications 
- then click on sound / vibrate / LED

Here you can disable or enable LED light, change color and sound.

Please let me know if this was useful to you and check out my site for my other articles. Thank you in advance!

*Always approach apps with a healthy dose of paranoia and skepticism. If the program seems like too good to be true it usually is and will have some conditions attached to it. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Review Fifty Shades of Black (2016): OMG, Marlon Wayans hit bottom (no pun intended)!

genre: comedy

The people behind the Haunted House series weren't even trying this time. You would think that with the awful Fifty Shades of Grey you would have enough material to make fun of and could not do any worse. Apparently you can.

Marlon Wayans and co have dropped the ball on this one. Or should I say dropped his balls. Yep, that is the kind of jokes you should be expecting. You will get to see more testicles than is good for you. Although it can even get more worse than that. BCC. You know what it stands for. And let's leave it at that. I remember them pulling this joke in Scary Movie 2. In that film it was so unexpected and therefore incredibly hilarious. Here it was just a question of time before you would confronted with this vulgarity. Of course I was not expecting subtle comedy. I knew what I was in for. I actually am able to enjoy most of what Marlon Wayans is involved in. But he was pushing it with Haunted House 2. And he went too far this time. There is literally not any effort put into this project whatsoever. The few jokes that are present are of incredible poor taste. That is saying something because Marlon managed to go where no man has gone before. The Wayans always have played around with racial issues and most of the time it was over the top but tolerable. Now he has gone so low that even the biggest fans will have to admit that Wayans has crossed the line. Billionaire Black suffers from a multitude of issues. One of them is stealing from white people. Another is his traumatic childhood as a crack baby. His white mother Jayne Seymour has adopted several coloured children but still is racist as hell. These jokes might have worked for Marlon one time but now it's just tiring and dull. To add even more insult you get real grossness and nastiness so bad that it would have made me vomit if had I not paused and skipped it. With the whole S&M thing they could have gotten real creative by simply exaggerating the scenes of Fifty Shades of Grey or adding some torture devices. I mean even if you are oblivious to what it entails a simple google check would have brought you to that yummy and delightful  lifestyle. Instead you get to see Marlon using a whip, the one they beat slaves with. Yes, you can see these jokes coming from a mile away and it makes me wonder why they were so lazy with this. The once so creative brothers now neglect to put in the work that is needed to stay fresh and energetic. Marlon's face even looks like he has had enough of it. Then take a break Marlon. Please, take a break and spare us this crap.

I don't know sometimes I just am too optimistic for my own good. Why would I expect more after the travesty that was A Haunted House 2? Is it really that much to ask to provide us some laughs. Maybe these guys need to reflect on the work they are doing currently and change up their mentality. Or just stop already. Don't watch this people. Seriously it's easily the worst Marlon Wayans has been in. And he written and produced it himself. YIKES!

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Review of Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space (PS4) by Ultimategamer 132 / Outer space is where this game should have stayed!

genre: adventure

Wanna play an alien game based on 60s sci-fi movies? Yes? Well, what if I told you the main character's name is John T. Longy and he was a night watchman for the secret facility of Jupiter? Maybe? How about if his voice is the equivalent of a whining infantile man? No? Good.

Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space is a first person adventure game that heavily relies on puzzles. Puzzles primarily consist of being environmental based where in order to find a solution you must scour your setting and locate objects around you. These tools can be mixed with other objects to form satisfying solutions or headache inducing problems. Though, some of the problems brought upon poor ol' John are unneeded as their origins lie in his own stupidity and ignorance. 

These puzzles would ordinarily stand out as a positive, but their accompaniment with the terrible control interface makes them blend in with the rest of the negatives. The controls being described specifically apply to when utilizing an object. Instead of assigning a certain button to a separate action, some genius had the idea to bundle all the uses an object can have into a screen that can only be navigated by rotating the actions. While this can become a relatively simple interface to become comfortable with, it can constantly lead to annoyances such as accidentally dropping important objects.

From a developer's point of view using specific colors to smoothly outline the environment and characters would seem like it helps highlight the theme of sci-fi. In fact, it does just that, but from a consumer's point of view this aesthetic choice comes at a price. That price is the unbalanced lighting that can make locating important objects more difficult then it has to be. Thats not the only thing we're left in the dark about as Albedo lacks the presence of a soundtrack.

Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space is by no means a bad game. However, its accumulating issues such as terrible voice acting and uninspired control interface will alienate some people's interest in abducting this game for entertainment. There are an equal number of positives to be extracted amongst Albedo's pile of negatives. Albedo more than excels at capturing its target tone of 60s Sci-fi movies and excellent puzzles. Its a shame that these enjoyable aspects are overshadowed by their own flaws.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Review Yamakasi - Les samouraïs des temps modernes (2001): One of the better Parkour films!

genre: action, crime, drama

Yamakasi is an interesting Luc Besson production as it is a little too ambitious for it's own good. Make no mistake the main draw very much is the sport / philosophy Parkour. But to make it a little more mainstream and conventional Luc Besson has thrown in a story to give it some more meat.

In some aspects this is admirable and in some ways it is not at all. I liked how this film tried to add a a little social commentary although at the same time I wasn't happy with how they resolved the issues raised. Especially since it gave the wrong message. On an emotional level very understandable of course however realistically speaking this would only confirm some of the stereotypes that exist in the world and wasn't the whole point to evoke sympathy for the cause of these Yamakasi. The Yamakasi in this film consist of the original founding members of Parkour excluding David Belle (Banlieue 13, Banlieue 13: Ultimatum and Brick Mansions) and Sébastien Foucan (Casino Royale). After one of their big stunts a little kid Djamel feels inspired by them and tries to mimic their movements. He climbs a tree and then falls from it. Apparently Djamel has a severe heart condition and all this excitement has worsened his health so much that if he does not get a new heart soon he will die. News of this is too much for his mother and she tries to kill herself. Fortunately the Yamakasi manage to put a stop to that. It dawns on them that they are responsible for all of this and that they will do whatever it takes to help out and make the surgery happen. I will be honest I could have done without this melodrama. It was laid on too thick and feels out of place considering the otherwise very light tone of the film. The Yamakasi devise a plan to steal from the very same doctors sitting in a board that decides who are the most suitable candidates for donor transplants. These doctors aren't portrayed nicely. In fact they are depicted as downright despicable and evil. And yes I do agree that some might be like the ones in this film but come on if they were all like that in real life then a lot of people would have died. Naturally I understand the thought behind this. It's all done to remind us that the Yamakasi are the good guys. 

Which brings me to the action and the stunts. Now I am not that well versed into the Parkour philosophy but whatever these guys did on the screen was nothing short of amazing. They climb and leap of buildings like it is nothing. I liked it how they also mentioned that they trained very hard to achieve what they can and that it certainly is not something just anyone can do on a whim. Well, I am sure that is meant for the kids who are watching as I as an adult won't think twice of doing what they do. 

While some Parkour enthusiasts will be a little disappointed that there is more of real Parkour this is still one of the better ones out there. There aren't that many of them made where Parkour is featured so prominently. And only a few of those are exceptional. So certainly one to check out. 

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Review Moonwalkers (2015): One small step to failure one giant leap for retardation!

genre: comedy, action, crime

The whole premise based on the fake moon landing conspiracy was an interesting one. It had everything to go crazy on. Greed, America always wanting to be the first and the best in everything, trauma, Vietnam, the Sixties, Stanley Kubrick, Hollywood, the space program. You name it you just had to pick a few of these. And for a short while this looked like it was going to be one hell of a satire. Instead most comedy is based on the juvenile joke that drugs are cool.

How is that even inventive, creative and funny? Is this really the image people have of The Sixties? So much was happening in that era. And all what is focused on a small segment in the hippie movement. Please! It's almost embarrassing. But OK as long as this silliness got backed up by some nice jokes I would be able to go with the flow. Apart from a few laugh out loud moments (before you get excited I am talking about one or two tops) there was nothing. And I mean absolutely nothing hilarious about this flick. Rupert and Ron give it their best and they certainly are the better elements of this film. Only it can't save the film drowning from the incredibly poor and gross jokes. Especially if they aren't particularly funny. The action scenes were nice though. Only it felt a little out of place concerning the topic. What makes it worse that you could predict the movie's every move. What is the point of watching something you already know how it is going to play out. Why not make us think we knew what was going to happen and then surprise us with something else? Or at least try to give the viewer some reward in the end? 

No, no, no! Avoid this like the plague. It's not clever at all and just a waste of time and braincells. 

Fire Emblem Fates: What to Know (Nintendo 3DS) by Ultimategamer132.

With the upcoming release (Februari 19 2016) of the dual Fire Emblem Fate games, its time to awaken your brains and enlighten them onto what similarities and differences each version holds within.

While Fire Emblem Awakening had a good balance between leniency and difficulty, Fates is splitting those two aspects into each of their versions. Birthright contains the lenient side. Birthright's ability to let players pay to replay chapters means they have more of a chance to gain loot and level up characters. In addition to that, a Phoenix Mode is added where units return to the living after each turn. These two components make it painstakingly obvious that Birthright is meant for those new to the strategy RPG franchise.

Fire Emblem Conquest takes a plunge into the extreme difficulty side of the pool. This is shown in Conquest's inability to replay any levels which makes players heavily think before they act. One thing that does get me excited is how Conquest will have varied completion goals which Awakening and Birthright lack.
Similarities in Differences

The only things both Fate games have in common are the first six chapters of the game, an ability to change a map's terrain using Dragon's Vein, and a My Castle mode. Their real comparisons; however, lie in the difference of classes and materials. Each version holds specific classes exclusive to that version. Also, My Castle allows units to eat food which raise stats and forge weapons from materials that are exclusive to their respective game.

Fire Emblem Fates has so much going against it. Its splitting into two versions is just one of those reasons. Despite its heavy backlash, Fates looks like its going to have an epic soundtrack, story, graphical quality, and gameplay. So like the Nohr and Hoshido choice, the outcome to purchasing Fates is unknown.