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Review Di Ambang Kematian a.k.a. The Verge of Death (2023): Lacking in dread and terror!

genre: mystery, horror, drama

The Verge of Death doesn't waste much time to begin events. Within seven minutes of the film, you are witness to some true horror. Naturally, my interest was piqued. For a little while. I am very aware you are supposed to wonder what is happening. But if you have seen as many horror films as I have, you kind of can predict the story. This is not a good thing.

Now, this doesn't mean the film has nothing to offer. I mean, I am not entirely sure if I can recommend it, but it did not feel like a waste of my time. I think there is enough here to keep watching until the end. To be honest, I was expecting this mad, bizarre twist that would blow me away. Kind of like the one in Impetigore. A film I have watched and liked immensely, but still have to write a review for. Speaking of which. This film seems to tap into the atmosphere of that film a tiny, but never is able to achieve the dread and terror of that film. And I think this is the fault of how the story is told. The father is very aware of what is going on, but for some reason doesn't tell his children. Yet he never truly hides he is doing shady stuff. At one point it's obvious of what he is doing. First thing I went to was what every character in every book, play or film wants. Still, I had hope that the father was more creative and original. Two minutes later, we find out he is not.

After this, the mystery is basically solved, and we are left to deal with the supernatural. Some sequences certainly were effective, but most of them lacked to instil fear. Thanks to the actors, you still feel something until the ending. It's implying what you have figured out for yourself at the start. I wished they had more imagination and gives a better ending. The film was begging for shock, and it never delivers on that, apart from the opening sequence. 

Overall, it's not bad, but not good either. It's disappointing really, since it absolutely had the potential to give you the true horror goodness most of the fans, like me, crave. 

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