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Review One Shot (2021) and Review One More Shot (2024): Serviceable to good!

genre: action, thriller

A squad of Navy SEALs, are on a covert mission to transport a prisoner to a black site. There, events go wrong when multiple insurgents try to rescue the prisoner.

The special gimmick of this film is that supposedly it's shot in one long continuous long take. Of course, some editing trickery and magic has been used to convince the audience of this fact, but if you know anything of film making, you know that's impossible. For what it's worth, it certainly looks like it's filmed in real time and for the most part you do feel a sense of urgency. Although I have to admit that at certain points the film slows down and drags on events far too long. The action consisting of military combat (gun combat and hand-to-hand combat) is serviceable but not really memorable. I understand why the film has these quieter moments. It's to let the actors (specifically Scott Adkins) catch his breath. And perhaps because of the nature of the film, it's hard to be really creative action and stunt wise. 

But that to me kind of defeats the purpose of a film like this. I can appreciate the long take(s). But is it really necessary? I don't think so. The action should be the one element that stands out, and unfortunately it doesn't really do that. 

A decent watch for sure, but a little underwhelming if you ask me!

One More Shot is a direct sequel to the original and starts where One Shot left off. Like the original, this time the gimmick of the one long take is back.

This time, though, the film and events very rarely slow down. And when there is a slower moment, it's usually to add tension by adding a twist and / or turn. Dramatic and plot wise, this sequel is also far more focussed. The original almost felt like a zombie film, where the insurgents kept coming and coming. If the goal was going for realistic combat, that element completely took you away from that. Having an infinite number of thugs coming at you can instil dread when done right. But for me, it was boring. This sequel corrects that mistake and has decreased the number of insurgents, yet they are far more competent and dangerous. They immediately miss someone when a member of their squad has wandered off. So they force Jake (Scott Adkins) to be ever vigilant. I was with him all the way.

Like the original, One More Shot has some prominent names featured. Tom Berenger and Michael Jai White. Their roles aren't that huge, but they do add some credibility to the film. Much more so than the original. But I do have to state that most of the cast do a good job of selling the events. This also goes for Adkins. It almost felt like he was held back in the original. Here is fiercer and deadlier. He has no choice because apart from the flight he didn't really get the chance to rest and unwind. His character must have been exhausted. At times, he hesitates to come into action, not because of fear, but because of preserving energy. He waits until enough men have left so that he can overpower the remaining mercenaries.

Overall, a vast improvement on the original, which is more focused and concise.  The action is choreographed better, and the narrative is better and faster paced. The only element I didn't like is the ending. As in the original, it's hinted that the story isn't over and that a sequel is coming. I think that is a mistake. The element of surprise is gone, and in order to impress now, you do have to up the ante action wise. I don't think that is possible if you are trying to be as realistic as possible. Mind you, I don't want realistic combat but since these two parts were aiming for that, the third one will feel out of place. Then again, we will just have to wait and see, now, won't we?

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