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Review Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023): What a waste!

genre: comic book adaptation, super hero, science fiction, action, adventure

What is this? Sure, Ant-Man is featured in the title, but for the rest he seems like a side character in his own film. All focus is on the female characters, in particular, Cassie Lang. I have nothing against the actress. I actually really liked her in Freaky. But not at the expense of Scott Lang. And that is exactly what happens. Above all, the action and spectacle is boring.

Above is my short review I had written after deciding I needed to give my quick thoughts. But I have to be honest. I was struggling to come up with something positive. I absolutely loved the original. The way Scott Lang becomes Ant-Man was a fun watch through and through. In large part because of Paul Rudd. He is the main reason I bought him as the thief with a good heart who turns into one formidable superhero. The second one was still fun but already a little less so. It really felt like a filler episode in a long show. Yet, I understood the decision. They wanted something light after all that darkness in the MCU.

This third part in the franchise should have gone back to dark by finally having Kang as a serious player. As I understood it, he was supposed to be the next Thanos. Jonathan Majors could have delivered that had he been backup by solid writing and directing. I don't quite understand what the goal was, but Kang is barely a villain of the week, while he was intended to be a bigger threat than Thanos. How? They never really demonstrate this. It's only in the second season of Loki you realize that Kang is not to be messed with. Although they did, undoubtedly because of his criminal act towards his girlfriend. I wonder how Marvel is going to solve that problem.

The Quantum world really had the potential for compelling stories and events. Where almost every thing could and should have been considered a threat. But the world is just an afterthought. The visuals look horrid and fake. Although that was something I could have overlooked. It's the wonder aspect that was completely gone. Here you are in this unknown world, and how is it treated? Like it's no big deal. So disappointing!

Overall, this third part in the Ant-Man franchise is easily the weakest. Probably also in the entire MCU franchise. What a waste!

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