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Review The Wandering Earth (2019): A real disappointment!

genre: action, adventure, science fiction, drama

It's very important to note that I have give this film many chances. I have tried watching this film many times and almost every time, I had to give up. This time I made sure, that I was wide awake and paying attention.

The Wandering Earth certainly calls back to those old school disaster films where melodrama fuels events. It's something I expect and embrace, especially if it enhances your viewing experience. There are many moments, where you do feel what is at stake. Still, I can't deny the flaws. Jackie Wu (Wu Jing) is being presented as the lead, but he isn't really. That honour goes to the actor who is playing the son of his character, named Liu Qi. Story wise, this isn't even that bad of an approach. But if I am jumping into this film, and you have been told Jackie Wu is the lead, he better be the one you are following. That being said, I could get past it. But then the real issues start to confront you. While I understood the gravity of the events. I do think, that you aren't given time to think about them. In disaster films, this is very essential. You are told the disaster is worldwide. And yes, there are plenty of scenes where you can witness the people and countries involved. Yet, The Wandering Earth doesn't quite feel like it's a large scale disaster. The film is not brutal enough.

They do try to appeal to you on an emotional level, which in hindsight did improve my viewing experience. But, I can't deny that a lot of times I was bored and could hardly pay attention. One could blame me. Still, I gave this film more chances than I would normally and simply had a hard time getting into it. I am sure the intentions were good. Only, I rarely felt what I should have been feeling.

Overall, a real disappointment. They obviously had a budget, but somehow failed to implement that where it was needed. I can't recommend this!

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