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Review Thunderbolt a.k.a. Pik lik foh (1995): Departure from the usual Jackie Chan flick but awesome nonetheless!

genre: martial arts, action, racing, drama, crime

Thunderbolt is quite the departure from the usual Jackie Chan flick. The focus is on racing but with a lot of combat, so fans won't be disappointed. And above else, it's a very serious film. In this case, that is very effective!

This time, Jackie Chan doesn't play a cop. But a mechanic / racer with a high sense of responsibility and justice. Something that is going to be used against hum by the main villain, Warner 'Cougar' Kaugman, played by Thorsten Nickel. And to be honest. He does a lot with very little. You really are going to hate him. Cougar is on the wanted list and the cause a lot of mayhem on the road. Naturally, the police want to apprehend him. Enter Jackie Chan as Chan Foh To. He helps his father as much as he can concerning car / racing related issues. When the police fail to catch Cougar, it's Chan who manages to do so. Cougar felt like this was the first time someone opposed him in the way he wanted. So naturally. he does what he can to antagonize Chan to challenge him once more.

I won't spoil the way he does it, but let's say it's easily one of the most evil events you will witness on your screen. Once Jackie Chan realizes what predicament he is in, he goes crazy. I will be honest, it's real fun to watch an unhinged and mad Jackie Chan. Gone is the comedy and goofiness. All is left is pain. And oh boy, Jackie Chan dishes out some pain in this one.

You know what, from all the Jackie Chan films in existence, this one is also one of the most coherent. The story is simple, like usual, but does a good job of making it clear that all that is happening to the good guys is a very evil thing. And that the good guys are really in their right to act like they do in this film. One thing I really liked is that the racing is also taken seriously. OK, some liberties are taken with the dangers involved, nonetheless, they aren't sparing the viewer with real consequences. The races are actually exciting. Since they do take their time to build up tension. 

A must own title if you ask me!

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