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Review Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982): The one without Michael Myers.

genre: horror, science fiction

John Carpenter and Debra Hill were done with Michael Myers so they wanted to do something different. Their plan was to start the franchise as an anthology series. I personally like this idea because there are so many creepy and scary stories to tell. And why limit yourself to the entity that is Michael Myers? Unfortunately this idea never got realized since the public thought different. Damn them! Because say what you will about this third part, it's horror at it's finest.

Like every film in the franchise events occur during Halloween where masks, costumes and everything tied to this celebration. However in this world you know something is wrong with that commercial that keeps popping up from time to time. After witnessing something bizarre, Dr. Dan Challis played by Tom Atkins, decides to look into things. I must admit I couldn't help but think that he only got involved because of the daughter of the victim in the bizarre murder. Challis apparently is divorced and is not really a good father as he barely spends time with them. On top of that he is what you now call a relic. In one scene he is flirting with an older nurse called Agnes and slaps her on her butt. She slaps back and in a funny way she makes it clear that wasn't ok. But I discussed this with Mrs. P since I couldn't imagine a man doing that nowadays. I asked her if this ever was fine with women. Of course it wasn't. Only if you were in a romantic relationship this would be acceptable. I am happy they kept this moment in the film since it does depict a time and mindset where some men were under the impression they can do these things. Anyway after Ellie Grimbridge played by Stacey Nelkin they both agree to go to the factory that produces Halloween masks since this was the last place her father had visited. Once they are in Santa Mira where the Silver Shamrock factory is situated they feel they are being watched which only empowers them to remain in the town. 

Safe to say that this probably wasn't a good idea. As violent as the early Halloween films were they weren't as graphic and gory compared to the later films in the franchise. But this third part is not squeamish showing you some creepy nastiness. I was honestly (pleasantly) surprised by the gory and disgusting moments that were in the film. They are a prime example of how to shock properly. If only the plot itself was strong enough to increase the creepiness. The motivation behind events is weak at best. A lot more could and should have been done with it. Still it doesn't negate the fact that the plan behind it all is super evil.

Overall, Halloween III is an incredibly underrated flick that deserves more praise than it has gotten. It should have been the start of the anthology series where each Halloween film would be about something else creepy and scary. Continuity be damned. A must watch!

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