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Brief thoughts on things I have seen lately! (The Woman in the Window, Things I Heard & Seen, Invincible Season 1 , Batman: Soul of the Dragon, The Vault and Relic)

You know I realized something! While I don't see anything bad with watching shows or films that are trending it does come with one huge issue. The fact that almost every reviewer on this planet (including me) often is reviewing that trending stuff. Usually the opinion given is predictable. At least when it comes to the big titles. I often don't have problems being honest of what I truly thought even if it goes against the popular opinion. But sometimes I just agree with the general opinion. When something is good it's good. Is it then really worth it for me to give that same opinion? I mean wouldn't my time be spent more wisely on titles that are forgotten, underrated or barely reviewed? Mind you if I really feel compelled to do a full review I certainly will. However for some titles I will only share brief thoughts. So here goes.

The Woman in the Window (2021)

Is this thriller going to wow you! Is it going to put you on the edge of your seat and thrill you to the core? Not by a long shot. Despite it's many flaws it's solid and entertaining. It does help that it has a good cast even if some of the appearances might seem like a gimmick. I mean there were two Captain America's present. 

Things Heard & Seen (2021)

Normally I applaud the slow buildup of tension and suspense. But if it is this slow and doesn't deliver in the end you got a dud on your hands. The film could and should have been better. There was enough there to have made events more compelling. Only it never really dares to become outrageous when that is what the script demanded. I could detect that there was more to these characters then what you are getting. But now they are just bland. Mind you the actors do their best to make them more interesting only they are let down by weak direction and poor story.

Invincible Season 1 (TV Show)

Overall I loved it. It's gruesome and intense. While the animated show should be taken seriously it's obvious it parodies Marvel and DC with it's depiction of many famous characters like alternative versions of Superman and Batman. What would fights between super heroes really be like? Easily horrific to the maximum. But I do think they went overboard with the violence. At one point it's just boring. Yes, you heard me right. The writing was adequate concerning the main story but absolutely abysmal when it came to the sub plots. I mean screw Amber!

Batman: Soul of the Dragon (2021)

Kind of Enter the Dragon with Batman. I was under the impression that Batman was one of the most skilled fighters in the DC universe. If not THE most skilled fighter. Apparently this is not true and there are fighters who are far more skilled, like Richard Dragon. One could say that this animated film is his origin story. Well, I liked it. Enough action and fun to be entertained. But at the same time very forgettable. 

The Vault (2020)

Often I am always in the mood for heist films. But this one took me two attempts to get into. It's premise (undoubtedly) heavily inspired by the success of La casa de papel is trying to also do the heist of the century in the same location of the show, Banco de EspaƱa. Unfortunately Papel is superior in every way. But if you keep your expectations low you will be entertained as long as it lasts.

Relic (2020)

This is one of those films that most likely will divide people or just have them stumped for all the wrong reasons. If you know a thing about old people and dementia then the message is obvious. Thing is that it goes about in a way where Relic starts out as a pretty conventional horror film and ends up being a psychological allegorical film you can't relate to. The film is eerie and unsettling but fizzles out due to heavy pretension without actually giving you the substance to back that up. Despite the lack of I would say it's worth a watch!

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