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Review I See You (2019): Try not to get distracted by the way Helen Hunt looks and give this film a chance.

genre: crime, drama, horror, thriller, mystery

I See You is a title that flew under the radar. But it's one that needs to be watched since it's real good.

Before you get all excited while the film is truly filled with suspense and thrills it's not one of dread. It's dark but not unrelenting. The real horror comes from something you wouldn't expect. And that is Helen Hunt. Or actually her face. It's obvious she has work done. Whoever has done it should be sued or at least fired. I am not a huge fan of plastic surgery. I do see that certain people benefit from it like burn victims or any other similar conditions. But the ones who try to hide wrinkles or any other signs of aging need to stop. Aging is natural and will come back with a vengeance if you mess with it too much. Clearly in her case it went horribly wrong. How wrong? I was constantly distracted by the way she looked. Helen Hunt is 56 but now resembles a woman who is in her seventies. At first I thought it was an essential part of the film. Then a plot element revealed we were supposed to find her attractive. Sorry, but that is asking too much. In almost every scene it looks like her face is melting. It was distracting as hell. 

Anyway what I liked about I See You that it plays around with convention. You get to see an event played out like you normally do and then get to see it from a different point of view which changes everything. Now it is asked of you to suspend disbelief somewhat. But once you find out what is going on the film does become super creepy. But it has more surprises for you in store proving that it is very possible to be original and creative enough within the horror mystery genre. Biggest key is misdirection or the so called red herrings. In most recent thrillers or suspense films this is something that is skipped on and replaced by more blood, gore, jump scares and atmosphere. Naturally these are important too. However I believe that misdirection often is far more effective than these elements. Since often they make you invest in something or someone you perhaps shouldn't be invested in. It then affects you personally. Manipulation of this kind is far more terrifying than blood and gore. When done right of course which is the case here.

A must watch for sure. Try not to get distracted by the way Helen Hunt looks and give this film a chance. It's easily top tier that for some reason didn't get the recognition it deserves.

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