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Review The Call of the Wild (2020): This CGI dog will capture your heart!

genre: adventure, drama, family

The Call of the Wild doesn't waste time to introduce us to the incredibly lovable and endearing Buck. Although you will be in a shock the first time you see him. Buck is all CGI and you can tell that immediately. 

Did this take me out of the viewing experience? No, because like I said Buck is one incredibly lovable and endearing dog. At first he is quite wild, clumsy and sweet. But over time he becomes reliable, dependable and a dog you can count on no matter what. You can't help but feel for him how the at first gullible Buck is  so trusting and naive. It's not really his fault tough. Since he isn't really punished or corrected for his bad behaviour. Basically Buck is spoilt rotten. Then Buck gets dog napped and he gets confronted with some realities he is not prepared for. He manages to escape and be with people who teach him some life lessons but also treat him with respect.

People aren't the only beings Buck has to deal with. He also has to deal with other dogs and species. It's real fun to see how Buck finds his real self and come on top. Now I was surprised that Harrison Ford was involved with this project especially since I was under the impression he didn't want anything to do with CGI and all that. Perhaps he like me enjoyed the simple tale of friendship. Granted even when the novel which this film is based on is harsh and tough this version has been given the PG treatment. But you can clearly see what would have been shown had it been graphic. Sometimes you don't need to see the horror to experience it. And this adventure film has plenty of them.

I had a blast from start to end and even Harrison Ford looked like he was enjoying himself. So a must watch for sure!

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