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Review Looker (1981): More science fiction than thriller!

genre: thriller. science fiction

When Looker starts it feels and looks very much like an eighties slasher film where the focus will be on who the killer is. However it rapidly evolves into something else that is larger and more disconcerting. 

If you can be bothered to think about it that is. Since there are some flaws that diminish the impact. Looker has an incredible lighthearted approach to events while tension and seriousness was needed. Albert Finney as Dr. Larry Roberts does seem to be shocked by the deaths of his former patients (4 supposed perfect models) but when he almost gets implicated in the murders by the police he rarely is worried. It completely breaks the suspense and mystery elements. Susan Dey's character, Cindy Fairmont is even more confusing. For the most of the time she runs and plays around in this film like it's a screwball comedy. 

Soon after Larry is on the case so to speak he has a big hunch where to go and gets in the middle of things. Not without dragging Cindy into it. To be fair this way he thinks she will be safe from harm. And to an extent his way does seem to be effective. Now I would very gladly discuss or reveal to what is going on but not knowing is part of what makes Looker fun. Although it doesn't take Looker that long to get to the core of the mystery. Mind you Larry never states or explains it to other characters when he claims he finally has figured it out. Director (and writer) Michael Crichton leaves it up to the viewer to draw their own conclusions. Granted if you have been paying attention to what is shown and told it's pretty obvious what the villains were trying to achieve. It's the part that is pretty dark, outrageous and terrifying. 

Looker won't be for everyone. It's an immensely flawed thriller that needed more tension and thrills. Instead we get comedy and Albert Finney getting his ass kicked in combat. It's tone doesn't fit the darker themes that are touched upon which diminished the impact it could have had. Still worth if you love science fiction and eighties films. 

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