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Review The Vault (2019): Pretentious crime flick without the fun factor!

genre: crime, drama

To be fair, this film had a lot of potential. And I wasn't really asking much of it. But in hindsight it just didn't deliver what I expect of a heist film.

The biggest problem is the fact that I couldn't really root for our main character Deuce played by Theo Rossi. Not that Rossi is a bad actor or anything. He just doesn't have the qualities to make me side with him. He had this problem since Sons of Anarchy. So if the idea was to make us jump on board on his adventure then they should have made sure that story wise there would be reason to. And since this does seem to be based on a true story you would think you couldn't go wrong. That and the fact that Don Johnson, Chazz Palminteri and William Forsythe are in this should at least provide some entertainment right?

Wrong. All these names I just mentioned are barely in the film. They are like glorified extra's. Probably were in this one to draw a crowd. Well, it worked. I saw Don Johnson, Chazz and heist being mentioned and I already was sold. How bad could it be I thought. I should slap myself for being so optimistic at times. The heist itself was over before you know it. The characters we get introduced to barely have anything to say or do except out main character and brother Chucky played by Clive Standen. I wished Clive was the main character because he does steal every scene he is in. But for some reason he is made to play the second fiddle. I would have been fine had this whole film be about the two brothers. Actually they should have gone deeper into their relationship since it is the most interesting and would have provided bigger impact at the end. 

Another problem is the fact that this film is devoid of all fun. Even when a scene is meant to be funny it's layered with pretension so strong that you can't enjoy it.  None of the characters are truly colourful. Except Andrew Divoff was somewhat in the few seconds he was on the screen. So uncool to see what he has been reduced to. But I would have rather watched his character having fits for ninety minutes than Deuce getting all paranoid. You know what, scratch what I said about him being a good actor. He is not. He is very limited and only can do two or three things. He is just like his character in Sons of Anarchy combined with the one he played in Luke Cage. Director Tom DeNucci very clearly couldn't handle the material. He has shown that he doesn't understand what makes a heist film interesting. Now granted this film could have gone a lot of other ways. But no matter how you spin it, the characters and how they interact with each other should have provided most of the fireworks. That is completely absent in this. 

I must admit that the twist at the very end was nice. But far too late in the film to sway my disappointment and contempt. AVOID! It's not worth your time one bit.

1 comment:

Brian Kuhl said...

There was nothing particularly special about the movie. It seemed to excel in not being that great.




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