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Review Taxi 5 (2018): Absolutely dreadful and gross!

genre: comedy, action

When I happened to see the trailer on Youtube I wasn't even aware there was a fifth entry in the franchise. Somehow I missed the news concerning this. After having viewed this I am not surprised I haven't heard or read anything. Most people probably are trying to forget Taxi 5 exists. Since it is appallingly bad.

Some jokes I expected. They always had been part of the franchise. But then there were the ones to gross out the viewer. Comedy always played a part in the franchise but never at the expense of the action and crime elements. Call me naive but I had hoped and thought they would have learned from their mistakes concerning Taxi 4. But no! The two leads from the original very wisely decided not to be part of it any more. Although they are still being referred to as to remind us that this Taxi plays in the same universe and that this is a sequel. Another jab is the car that returns. Taxi was never about the car. But the ones driving it. In a way I would feel bad for Franck Gastambide since he does seem to have the presence, charisma and acting skills to be in a better film. If not for the fact that he directed this awful film.

There are no redeeming factors whatsoever to make it worth your while. Well, perhaps some of the tracks that are banging. Already after twenty minutes or so I had enough, And couldn't invest myself into this ridiculous farce. That is all I can and will say about Taxi 5. 

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