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Review Bayonetta 2 (WII U): From start to finish a real blast!

genre: hack and slash
year: 2014

Once upon a time a game was created that brought back the big fun factor that made hack and slash titles a joy to play. After the success of Devil May Cry many titles tried to capture the spirit of that epic franchise but failed to do so.  Who better than the creator of the original DMC (Hideki Kamiya) to yet again to invent the wheel. Then there was silence. No sequel in sight until the WII U came along. The only console till date who allowed you to play Bayonetta 2. Was Nintendo going to manage to push me into buying the console just so that I could play the game? Hell no! In hindsight, I think I should have. The WII U is a legit console that is far too underrated if you ask me.

So how does Bayonetta 2 fare? Was it worth the wait? YES! It has been ages that I finished a game this quickly purely because I couldn't stop playing. It's so spectacularly fun that it becomes real hard to resist it. Not that Bayonetta 2 offers that much new. Still it is so very Japanese and weird how can you not love it? Like the DMC games this is highly replayable as you have a lot of collectibles and upgrades to gather. And so many combo's to make your head spin. To be honest I wasn't that much invested in the story and compared to the original it is far less compelling. But it is serviceable and told with the usual wit as one might expect. Plus the sexiness of Bayonetta once again is put emphasis on whenever possible. I was surprised to see that Nintendo allowed that to be kept intact. Then again they probably were very aware that fans of the original were the intended target group. Probably a very wise business decision. It's a niche game that simply isn't for everyone. Even if the quality is on par with the titles in the DMC franchise.

I honestly wasn't expecting the gameplay to be this smooth. Especially since the WII U gamepad seemed like a real hassle to play games with. But it wasn't. They even added the option to use the touch screen to attack which worked quite well also. Although I didn't really use that option. The controls were very responsive and it was very easy to pull off combo's. And there are a lot of them especially if you purchase all the weapons. 

Normally I don't care about graphics that much. But it is claimed that they are superior to the PS3 and XBOX360. And while I still have to test and play more games it certainly looks like they are an improvement. Far more colourful and better textures. Actually I have to admit that I am very impressed.  

So how about my gaming experience? It was phenomenal. Just when I had the slightest sense of the game being repetitive the gameplay changed on me. Not significantly or remarkable as in Nier for example. But certainly enough to never get tired of things. I can't remember if the original had mini games like this but it's a nice change of pace. 

I finally am where I should have been all along. And that is to appreciate a Nintendo console as a serious gaming device. But also to confirm that Bayonetta 2 is a must have!

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