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Review Happy Death Day 2U (2019): Removes the horror element but fun sequel nonetheless!

genre: adventure, science fiction, comedy

Happy Death Day was a fun horror flick that already provided a lot of laughs. The sequel does something unique by becoming a fully fledged science fiction film. 

Actually it's more than that. It's a blend of comedy, science fiction, drama and thriller. With heavy focus on comedy. Again Tree (Jessica Rothe) is caught in a loop. Only this time we get to know why that is. Something I can appreciate. But at the same time also removes all the mysteries and mysticism of the original. I like the idea of these loops being acts of God. Him giving you a chance to make things right. That being said it doesn't remove anything from the fun factor since like the first it's a blast from start to finish.

I personally do think it's a real shame the horror element is removed. The tension and suspense that came with it simply is not present. The Killer from the original was very deadly and brought a sense of urgency to the events. That also is gone. But they probably thought that they needed to avoid doing the same and keep events fresh. In that regard I praise their efforts as they succeeded. For example we get to see a softer side to Tree and the reason why she was so reckless before which was very endearing. 

A third part is teased at the end but since Happy Death Day 2U didn't do as well as expected it's very unlikely it will happen. On the hand that is bad news. On the other hand I don't know what other direction they could have gone other than to go back to straight up horror where events of the first two films should be seen from a very different perspective. It doesn't matter much. This sequel gives closure enough. 

Overall one to watch especially if you loved the first one. I hope this will spark more film makers to be creative and defy genres.

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