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Thoughts on the following games I finished: Prey (PS4), Yakuza Kiwami (PS4), Assassin's Creed Origins (PS4) and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4)

Here some brief thoughts about these games I finished these last months. It's my intention to do full reviews eventually but for now this will have to do.

Prey I finished a long time ago and it has been a game I have spent a lot of time on. Since the game encourages you to explore every nook and cranny in the world it presents to you. At one point it does get overwhelming so I haven't covered all of it. But at least I tried. That's why I find it so strange to hear that people only focused on the main storyline and did not even do any of the side missions. You are really missing out on perks and background stories that enrich the game world and the experience. Atmosphere is very strong in this one and provides most of the tension. That and the fact that you can easily be killed if you try to go in guns blazing. Stealth is a must. A big plus of the game is that there are many alternative ways to accomplish missions. You just have to be creative with the tools and skills you acquire along the way. I even dug the story. To some it's a cop out. I thought it was quite inventive as I didn't see it coming. This doesn't mean that the game is perfect. Far from it. It's very flawed.  Despite I had a blast with this game.

The Yakuza games are rich on story and character development set in a world where all kinds of people are craving to be beaten up by highly respected Yakuza members. But apart from the main story lines there are many different side stories where you get confronted with some truly funny and bizarre events. Yakuza Kiwame is a remake of the original game in the franchise that not only manages to capture the charm of the original but also has been able to add to it and make it appealing to new audiences. But to get the full experience you really have to spent a lot of time playing it. Think 80 to 100 hours. It's going to be worth it. Although they did leave in one frustrating mission where you suddenly have to shoot bad guys in a chase sequence. It's easily the hardest thing you will have to do since you are forced to replay the whole sequence if you screw up. And trust me you will screw up often. Another thing that starts out as fun and becomes annoying over time is the rivalry between you and Majima. Majima will challenge you over and over again so that you can regain all of your strength and skills you lost. These leads to many hilarious situations but also to major tedium. It gets real tiring having to defeat him so many times. It completely distracts you from whatever quest you are on and doesn't really add up story wise. Although fighting never gets old since you do gain many abilities and skills that make it fun. Yakuza really impresses with it's characters and the storytelling. You will learn to love and hate them. And no matter how cliched some story elements are you will get immersed because of the characters. So Yakuza Kiwami definitely was worth it every penny!

Assassin's Creed Origins is also one I have spent a lot of hours on. You kind of have to since you won't be allowed to kill people if you don't match the level that is required. But upgrading your character and gaining new skills is very fun especially if you are able to overpower the ones who went through you like butter. It took some getting used to the new combat system. You supposedly have more freedom. But that freedom exists of using different kind of weapons and tools. So especially in the beginning Origins will be challenging. However after a while you will get into it and see that core wise it is similar to the older games. Only you have more to explore and to do. Something I recommend because it's filled with secrets and easter eggs. Officially I am done with the main quest. But I still have to defeat some Egyptian gods who prove to be very deadly. Even if they do cheat a little. They simply deal a lot of damage and have huge energy bars. But the fact that these missions are in here speaks in favour of the game.

Then there is Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. I wasn't expecting much of this title since it had the appearance of DLC that was cut from Uncharted 4. It was intended as DLC for that game but it's not a simple add-on. You get a full game with it's own epic story although a little smaller in scale compared to the previous adventures. But to be honest it's filled with many spectacular action sequences you are used to from the games. Plus you get to know some familiar characters a little better. Chloe shows sides to her we didn't knew she was capable of. More surprisingly is that we learn that there is more to Nadine. I like it if we get to see more of a previous villainous character especially if it turns out that her intentions always were honourable. And on top there are some nice little surprises in the game. Like in Uncharted 4 you have the option to go in stealthy or go in guns blazing. That in itself gives the game a lot of replay-ability (including the game modifiers like bullet time). A must play if you ask me.

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