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My thoughts on season finale (S04E23) "We Are The Flash": Redeems this immensely flawed season! (SPOILERS)

genre: super hero, comic book adaptation, science fiction

Previous episode already showed a big improvement but this season finale easily tops that and reminded me why I love The Flash in the first place. Not going to lie I had lost a little faith in the writers when they gave us The Thinker. A different villain for sure but was he better than all the ones before? No. The writers had to go out of their way to make him menacing and compelling.

And I genuinely hope it's the last time we have seen him. Seriously writers don't bring him back. I don't care for him. I would rather have Eobard Thawne back pushing everybody's limits. One thing that bothered me the most in this season is how Barry used his powers. One minute godlike powerful and the next he can't even taken on the simplest goon. The writers should stop reverting to those plot elements since it's incredible convenient and weak writing. Besides it's boring as hell to see super heroes lose their powers to then see them gain them back. It's done to death and very boring. It's more interesting to see super heroes at their strongest and then get beaten. In this season they didn't even bother explaining why The Flash was so forgetful about his own powers. 

It was heartbreaking to see Harry lose his mind in the same way people with Alzheimer's do. While this plot element is comparable to super heroes losing their powers there was a touching component element to this one most of us can relate to. Naturally I was delighted for Harry to come back, sort of. But I was ecstatic when I saw Ralph Dibney return to the show. Without a doubt the best character in this season since he had the most character development. We literally some him grow from a zero to a hero. And even managed to surpass The Flash in many ways. 

Surprisingly Killer Frost was left in the cold. But it's hinted and implied that she will make a return sooner than later. Another example of a character losing powers which she didn't want to gain in the first place but once lost she realized that without them she isn't complete. I am very aware that the show wants to make you believe it's the company she misses but come one let's be real here. It's the powers. Another good thing was the fact that the role of Iris was limited. She was integral but not overly present. The whole we are the flash mantra had me worried. I am all for partners having strong connections. But there are limits. You are still very much human Iris West. 

This season finale had everything I hoped for. It was full of thrills, action and resonated with me emotionally. Most of previous episodes had made me feel cold and detached so I am glad the writers put this right. However I do hope they don't repeat the mistakes they made this season and that they will try to be consistent from now on. 

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