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My thoughts on season finale Arrow Life Sentence S06E23 (SPOILERS)

The season finale of Arrow felt like a rush job to me. And I have very mixed feelings about it. One the one hand I liked it that Oliver was able to make things good between his friends and own up to his mistakes. But on the other hand the way this season has been concluded feels a bit lazy and anti climatic. 

Oliver is outed as The Green Arrow. By himself this time. At this point it hardly matters since are there people left  in this world who don't know who he is? The whole secret identity thing when it comes to super heroes has been done to death in all the media you can imagine. You would think that by now they would drop this plot element or at least do something significantly different with it. It's not interesting and completely pointless since most of what the Green Arrow has to overcome is not really tied to his identity. Somehow CW refuses to acknowledge this and milk it out like there is no tomorrow. Until this episode. While I am sure this will have some consequences I hope that they won't get in the way of the crime fighting. I sincerely hope that the identity issues will be put to rest. 

Quentin Lance's death. The writing concerning this has been very sloppy and inconsistent. It did not have the impact it was supposed to have. I like Lance and I hate to see him go but couldn't they have given him a better send off? He saves Laurel but then dies off screen without having dialogue with Laurel or Sarah. It's so stupid. They should and could have ended his life immediately after he got shot. His death would have had more impact and meaning.

Diaz escapes. Maybe I missed something but wasn't Ricardo Diaz supposed to be mortal? How did he manage to survive all his deaths? Although the same could be said about Oliver so let's forget I ever mentioned it. What I do think was very problematic was the way Laurel dealt with Diaz. She could have done far worse with her abilities. All she manages to do is blow him off the roof into the water. She intended to kill him. Why not kill him the same way she killed Vince? I truly hope this hasn't been a scam on her part and that she is still loyal to Diaz. That would make Quintin's sacrifice even less meaningful.

There were some solid moments that reminded me of why I love Arrow in the first place. However it also has moments that demonstrate how bad Arrow has gotten. The writing has been terrible this season and I really hope it will improve because I don't know how much more of this I can stomach. Normally a season finale makes you look forward to what is to come. Now I barely care. That's not a good thing!

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