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Review Victor Crowley a.k.a. Hatchet IV (2017): Almost on par with the original but this obviously is a low budget affair!

genre: horror, slasher, comedy

Parry Shen, Kane Hodder and writer / director Adam Green return to the Hatchet franchise to give us more Victor Crowley antics. How anyone can get enough of that is beyond me. In a time where special effects are dominated with CGI it is pure joy to have those replaced with practical effects. It really makes the difference. But apart from that slashers like these are a rarity. So if certain people bitch about how this film is outdated and irrelevant it makes my blood boil. Let me state for once and all. Slashers will always be relevant. Just because you think you have outgrown the genre doesn't mean the genre itself has died out.

That being said Victor Crowley doesn't deliver us the usual slasher goodness. The body count is low and the violence is a little toned down. (But don't worry there is enough gore to satisfy your needs.) Very likely because of the low budget. However it won't stand in your way from enjoying the film since the humour is just as great or even greater than in the original. The film isn't afraid to make fun of the franchise and the fans who love the franchise. For example you have a bunch of fans who are set to make a mock trailer (for YouTube) on the Crowley massacre. When they are preparing for their production they get confronted with all kinds of craziness. Like for example their tour guide (Dillon) is also an actor who was willing to guide them in exchange for a role in their film. He then gives some impressions of the usual suspects. The impressions made by Dave Sheridan as Dillon are intentionally bad but a whole lot funnier than the impressions done by Tom Hiddleston for example. It's safe to say that none of them are professionals with very hilarious results. One of these results though  is less hilarious and immensely dangerous. Because it chants the voodoo spell that resurrects Victor Crowley who still is very angry and deadly. Actually more so since they have changed his territory and home into an amusement park.

Unlike in the original and the previous versions most of the characters are highly annoying and selfish. But you tolerate them because of the comedy they provide. Except Sabrina never redeems herself. I liked how she is meant to parody talk show hosts like Wendy Williams, Ellen and Oprah. Everything else about her was not compelling to me. Despite the silliness Adam Green does allow some serious moments to shine through to make you care about what happens to some of the characters. Inept and goofy Dillon turns out to be surprisingly competent and heroic managing to steal every scene he is in. Hatchet veteran Parry Shen for once returns as a character he previously played but does share traits with all the other characters he played. However he seems to have matured and is less of a coward than before.

Victor Crowley ends with a hint of another sequel coming. I personally would welcome that. However I do want them to do a little more with the franchise. Something more fresh and creative. Because if you think about it if Victor Crowley never leaves his home then it would be very easy to avoid him now wouldn't it? Of course you have people stupid enough to look him up but still. Take him out of the swamp. Or put him against Jason Voorhees. What a battle that would be. In any case Victor Crowley is highly entertaining from start to finish. One I can recommend.

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