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Review Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986): The introduction of meta comedy!

genre: horror, slasher, comedy

Tommy Jarvis (Tom Matthews) has managed to get out of the mental asylum since he was able to persuade his caretaker that he needs to confront his demons at the cemetery. Meaning he is going to check Jason is dead and make sure if there is any doubt. Sounds like a solid plan.  Except the film conveniently skips his psychotic behaviour at the end of Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. No explanation is given for his more composed and stable demeanour as opposed to the erratic and murderous attitude. What happened to Pam? (As it turns out that in the novelization of Jason Lives she survived Tommy's attack and that she helped him recover from his psychosis. Why would they leave out such an important detail out of the film?) Anyway, Tommy seems to be doing much better and he has tasked himself to get rid of the evil that is Jason once and for all. 

As you probably have guessed things don't go to plan. Not only was it not necessary for Tommy to take action, since believe it or not Jason was deader than dead. He actually helps (unintentionally) to get Jason resurrected. This time he is stronger than ever and worse he has gotten himself a sense of humour. Jason starts the opening credits with a parody on James Bond's gun barrel. It's freaking hilarious. It was at this moment that I simply knew that this part was going to be a blast no matter what. And yes the introduction of (meta) comedy is a welcome addition to the typical slaying and killings. Normally Jason kills everybody on his path. Except there are so many people available to kill that sometimes he doesn't know who to kill first. Sometimes he even spares victims. It makes it quite fun not knowing whether he is going to strike or not. Don't worry though. The body count is very high in this one. If the sheriff had believed Tommy and taken precautions it could have been minimized significantly. Then again we the audience would not have our fun so we should be grateful for his incompetence. Despite him being the typical stubborn horror trope cop he is a likeable character. Actually most characters are. Even the old Martin (caretaker cemetary) who talks to the audience directly). But despite them being likeable some of them aren't that clever. Another familiar horror trope. Fortunately for us not to the extent that it will drive you insane still answer me this. Would you go back to sleep when your friends disappear left and right? Especially when you just heard about a potential killing machine roaming around in the area? I don't care if the tales are legends or myths I would be cautious and vigilant at least. 

Meanwhile Tommy has been gathering tools and devising a plan to get rid of Jason. But he is hindered by the sheriff who thinks he is the lunatic who is behind the killings. But lucky for him the sheriff's daughter  Megan is more trusting and helps him out. If it were me I would be a little more sceptical and critical of him but to be fair he is very likeable and you can't help but root for him to succeed. 

Like I predicted Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI is blast from start to end. It does away with all forms of pretension and even infuses horror with comedy so brilliantly that the contrast to the more serious moments actually manage to make some scenes scary and effective. Definitely one of the better ones in the franchise.

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