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Review Rememory (2017): Are we defined by our memories alone?

genre: science fiction, thriller, drama

Rememory is the title and name of the device that can record and play memories. The inventor and creator of this device, Gordon Dunn (Martin Donovan) is found dead in his office and Sam Bloom has tasked himself to find out what happened.

You would think that Rememory is nothing more than a simple whodunit. And for the most part it is. I was perfectly fine with it. Actually it was the main reason that peaked my interest since I just love these types of thrillers. Unfortunately Rememory tries to be more than that without giving that little bit food for thought. It raises some questions and it touches upon a few things but apart from Gordon's view on life it gives us nothing special. The message that director Mark Palansky has for us is pretty obvious if you ask me. No, ignorant. I should say. Because the film never addresses or mentions other visions or perspectives on what defines us. It very randomly throws in a quote and then expects the audience to accept it without it ever being challenged. Sure one could say that perhaps the director is trying to make his audience start these discussions themselves. And someone like me probably would feel up for that if not for the fact that it is incredible weak sauce. Especially since the film takes forever to get to it and wastes your precious time. If you are going to make me sacrifice my time you better make it worth it and Rememory doesn't even deliver on what it's advertised as. I can sincerely say that I really would not mind a slow pace if that pacing would have increased the tension and suspense. But also if it would have lead to this brilliant twist or something else worthwhile. But the ending in hindsight is pointless and laughable. 

I know that some would say that I should focus on it's message and the drama. Fine. I did that and still it left me wanting for more. The science fiction and the philosophy tied to it is not compelling at all. I do have to be clear that the subject itself is interesting. But not in the way it is written and how it is presented. The drama is very disappointing. There are very few moments where you actually feel connected to the characters and even that should be credited to the actors since they are clearly trying real hard to give their characters and the events the depth they need. However it just isn't enough. I require more, I need to be challenged. And Rememory doesn't do this. But what astonishes me the most is that they messed up the mystery elements. They had a good thing going and then completely went wrong.  

Overall Rememory tries to be something it's not and at the same time doesn't even deliver on the mystery that takes up most of the film. It's not super bad but I do feel tricked and cheated especially concerning the duration and how it ends.  The only real special thing about this film is that this is the final film Anton Yelchin has made before he died. He certainly was adequate and much better than he was in Star Trek Beyond and Green Room. 

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