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Review Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016): It's true, this is a good horror flick!

genre: horror

The tension around the US Election was killing me. No, I am not a US citizen but seriously people how could you even consider Trump to be your President? Don't you realize that he doesn't care about any of you? Trump is about Trump. Besides the guy is incompetent and an idiot. But you know what, you who have voted for him you are going to be the most sorry. Anyway, here is a case of where a real event is far more horrific than any movie could be and yet Ouija: Origin of Evil managed to distract and compel me enough to forget about it. 

This film does a real good job of bringing back old school horror where less is more and silence is pure dread. You don't need blood and gore to chill the bones. All it requires is a good imagination and creativity. Now I am not going to say that Ouija: Origin of Evil is fresh or original. For that it is pretty conventional. However it's very effective. And in this day and age that is more than I could hope for. But what really made me buy all of the events were the performances. It was a joy to see actors take the material seriously and sell us the terror they were experiencing. I was especially impressed by Annalise Basso as Lina Zander. Basically she was the one who carried the film on her shoulders. Lulu Wilson as Doris also was amazing but she got a little help from the special effects department. Still not downplaying her input since it is significant. It was good to see Henry Thomas. After all these years I can't shake the fact that he was Elliott in E.T. And of course I am aware that he has done so much more after but for some reason I always see Elliott first. Although I do think that he should do more horror since the badass priest fighting evil thing seems to suit him very well. 

Now I do have to remark that while Ouija: Origin of Evil does more things right than wrong it could have been far scarier. The film gives us too many breaks and never pushes the terror when it easily could and should have. However this is not really a complaint since the film is fine as it is. I am just mentioning so that you won't get your hopes up too much. So do keep your expectations in a check a little. Other than that you won't be bored for a second and I am sure that this won't be the last in this series. On another note I have not seen the original but the general consensus is that this sequel is superior to the original. That is quite rare. So certainly one I can recommend.

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