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Review Wanted (2008): Not sure if I would classify this as a classic but it sure is one of my favourites!

genre: action, comic book adaptation, fantasy

Why is this one of my favourites? Well, first thing is the bullet time and slow motion. I just love it especially when it is used properly. Another reason why I like this is director Timur Bekmambetov. He is known for Night Watch a.k.a. Nochnoy dozor, Day Watch a.k.a. Dnevnoy dozor and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. At the time I had some mixed feelings about Night Watch but I think I owe that movie a second chance. Day Watch however blew me away. It's almost like a Hollywood blockbuster film but a little different. Although the film does prefer style over substance which in this case is not a bad thing at all.

Wanted is Timur's first Hollywood project and like Day Watch it's filled with nice eye candy and oozing with style and spectacle. Make no mistake. It is totally ridiculous and completely over the top but so much fun. Apart from the beautiful visuals you have a good cast here who all seem to be enjoying themselves. They are very aware this is a popcorn flick and act accordingly. James McAvoy is convincing as Wesley who gets caught up in some secret order business and it is a joy watching him adjust to his situation and growing as a character. Angelina Jolie can't stop smiling and revisiting her Lara Croft role. She really loves to do action apparently.

There is a nice thriller element woven into the story and does give the film some decent suspense but in the grand scheme of things it hardly matters much since it's the spectacle that takes center stage. All the action and spectacle is unrealistic and implausible. But what do you expect? This film  is based on a comic book and is pure fantasy. Or do you really believe someone can curve bullets? But that is what is so great about this film. It has never been done before and adds a welcome variation on the heroic bloodshed type of action.There are other things in this film you will have to see for yourself to believe it. Or actually it is asked of you to suspend disbelief and just roll with it. And if you manage to do that the film will be a blast from start to finish.

Is this one you can watch over and over again? That I am not sure off. I have watched it many times already but with enough years in between. That is the problem if the movie is 70 percent style and only 30 percent characterization and story. But I do think this is one of the most entertaining popcorn flicks I have seen and will continue to watch now and again.

There is also a videogame based on this film. It allows you to curve bullets like in the film.  So check out my review for that game:

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