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Review Fifty Shades of Black (2016): OMG, Marlon Wayans hit bottom (no pun intended)!

genre: comedy

The people behind the Haunted House series weren't even trying this time. You would think that with the awful Fifty Shades of Grey you would have enough material to make fun of and could not do any worse. Apparently you can.

Marlon Wayans and co have dropped the ball on this one. Or should I say dropped his balls. Yep, that is the kind of jokes you should be expecting. You will get to see more testicles than is good for you. Although it can even get more worse than that. BCC. You know what it stands for. And let's leave it at that. I remember them pulling this joke in Scary Movie 2. In that film it was so unexpected and therefore incredibly hilarious. Here it was just a question of time before you would confronted with this vulgarity. Of course I was not expecting subtle comedy. I knew what I was in for. I actually am able to enjoy most of what Marlon Wayans is involved in. But he was pushing it with Haunted House 2. And he went too far this time. There is literally not any effort put into this project whatsoever. The few jokes that are present are of incredible poor taste. That is saying something because Marlon managed to go where no man has gone before. The Wayans always have played around with racial issues and most of the time it was over the top but tolerable. Now he has gone so low that even the biggest fans will have to admit that Wayans has crossed the line. Billionaire Black suffers from a multitude of issues. One of them is stealing from white people. Another is his traumatic childhood as a crack baby. His white mother Jayne Seymour has adopted several coloured children but still is racist as hell. These jokes might have worked for Marlon one time but now it's just tiring and dull. To add even more insult you get real grossness and nastiness so bad that it would have made me vomit if had I not paused and skipped it. With the whole S&M thing they could have gotten real creative by simply exaggerating the scenes of Fifty Shades of Grey or adding some torture devices. I mean even if you are oblivious to what it entails a simple google check would have brought you to that yummy and delightful  lifestyle. Instead you get to see Marlon using a whip, the one they beat slaves with. Yes, you can see these jokes coming from a mile away and it makes me wonder why they were so lazy with this. The once so creative brothers now neglect to put in the work that is needed to stay fresh and energetic. Marlon's face even looks like he has had enough of it. Then take a break Marlon. Please, take a break and spare us this crap.

I don't know sometimes I just am too optimistic for my own good. Why would I expect more after the travesty that was A Haunted House 2? Is it really that much to ask to provide us some laughs. Maybe these guys need to reflect on the work they are doing currently and change up their mentality. Or just stop already. Don't watch this people. Seriously it's easily the worst Marlon Wayans has been in. And he written and produced it himself. YIKES!

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Dale Brown said...

Thank you for warning me away from this one.

chrichtonsworld.com said...

You are welcome.




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