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Review The Bank Job (2008): Entertaining while it lasts but by no means a classic!

genre: crime, drama, thriller

The first time when I watched The Bank Job I was completely sucked into it. Second time around I was still entertained but it had much less of an impact. In fact it made me wonder why I thought so fondly of it in the first place. Somehow I have missed some flaws that can ruin the fun a little. But let me go deeper into to let you know what I think of this little movie now.

First of all you will have to accept that this is a Jason Statham vehicle without him doing his usual thing. This is not an action film. This is one of the few movies where Jason genuinely tries to portray another character. I am sure there will be several discussions whether he can act or not and his performance will only increase those discussions. Let's just say that the attempt itself should be commended. At least he is not awful. However a Jason Statham light is much less fun to watch especially since the script is not doing him any favours to make his character more interesting. Still if you aren't a fan then this could be a good thing since he won't be able to detract from your viewing experience. But then you will find out that the plot is flawed as hell. Actually it is a downright mess. Several subplots are thrown in that don't connect that well to the main one and undoubtedly are only there to give more weight to the supposed true story the film is based on. In my opinion whatever the motivation was for the heist it was not that compelling. I would have been more content of an factual representation of the real events without the involvement of Michael X and all the political intrigue. More so because the liberties taken are quite ridiculous. Would you take a nap in the middle of a heist when you are close to your goal? Then there is the fact that the scriptwriters themselves don't know how to resolve their own story properly which results in a very convenient but sloppy ending hurting the film's credibility a little.

Everything else is decent. It is made believable that this takes place in the Seventies atmosphere wise. And for the most part especially if this is your first time watching it does enough to get you sucked in. But by no means is this a classic. It desperately wants to but truth be told I myself could not remember half of the film (which is rare). Most of it is quite forgettable. Classic heist films always distinct themselves in one way or another where you have moments that compel, wow and stick with you. The Bank Job has none of those (at least not in a good way). However for the two hours you are watching you will be entertained while it lasts. 

Pay attention to the scene with the bank clerk in glasses. It's Mick Jagger. He is such an insignificant character that you won't even notice him. It is a real mystery why he is there. Looks to me like this is a joke of some sort. 

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