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Review Icebreaker (2000): Die Hard at a ski resort: Goes from bad to worse! I advise you to ignore it's existence.

genre: action, thriller

Why and how did get Bruce Campbell get involved with this? And what about Sean Astin and Stacey Keach? Seriously Icebreaker has to be one of the worst Die Hard clones I have seen.

Now I had a feeling it might be bad going into this film only I had hoped that Bruce Campbell would be able to spice things up a little like he normally does. But I guess the director had asked him to play his role in serious manner and not giving him room to use his magic. Which is incredibly stupid since Bruce alone could have saved this film plummeting to it's death. The biggest problem of this film that it simply is not fun. There are many comedic moments that are so obviously going for the laughs that apart from a very few they had the opposite effect. The fact that Icebreaker is taking itself too seriously is insulting and preposterous. How could one ever do that? Icebreaker is not really giving you any reason to do so. Many of the actors including Sean Austin look puzzled as if they were asking themselves how they end up in this flick in the first place. Sean Austin who is no stranger to being a John McClane copycat in Toy Soldiers did one hell of a job in that one. In Icebreaker though he is barely present let alone active. He doesn't have much to do and whenever he does it's so juvenile and clumsy that you actually could care less if he succeeded or not. Actually all of the events that transpire are very boring and tedious to look at and sit through. Perhaps one scene towards the finale was kinda good. If you like snowboarding and skiing that is. 

I have given this film a fair shot and in the end it fails on so many levels that I advise you to ignore it's existence. I am sure that every actor involved with this production will be very grateful for that.

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