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Review About a Boy (2002)

genre: comedy, drama

About a Boy is one of the many movies I skipped on in the past and was planning to watch it some day. In my search for some holiday films for this year (2014) I saw this one appear and naturally I thought it was about time to watch it.

And I am glad I did since it was a very entertaining and charming little movie. Now I did expect it to be a little heavier at certain points but I guess they wanted to avoid melodrama and keep it real as much as possible. Some issues are touched upon like depression but never discussed in detail. But through Marcus' eyes we get a taste from it and at times is heartbreaking. Especially when he is focused on making his mother happy at the cost of himself. Hugh Grant as Will and Nicholas Hoult as Marcus are the ones that make this fun to watch as they both give that something to give this film it's edge. (I never realized that Nicholas Hoult was in Jack The Giant Slayer and it makes me look forward to see him in Warm Bodies.)  They are charming, funny but at the same time give depth to their character. Their friendship is very endearing as Marcus makes Will reflect on himself and his life and does something with it. For me it is always nice to see a character develop. But Marcus also goes through some changes for the better. Plus at the end of it all you feel good. Always a plus for me personally. About a Boy is the type of movie you basically can watch whenever but is a little more powerful during the Holidays. I can recommend this wholeheartedly. 

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