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Review Valentino (2013)

 genre romantic comedy, Dutch

A car salesman pretending to be something he is not. The premise alone provides enough material to take a stab at. Sadly this does not happen which could be conceived as disappointing. Valentino is a Dutch rom com that might seem very average to an international audience. However for the Dutch cinema it's a relative new genre so one has to look at it slightly differently. I do think that compared to Dutch movies in general this one will be more accessible since it is more universal and therefore better appreciated. There is nothing in Valentino that is new or refreshing. But in the end it does make you feel good. And in my book no matter how you look at it that is a good thing. Pay attention to Najib Amhali. He is a Moroccan born Dutch stand up comedian who already played several supporting roles that has the charisma and acting chops to become big. It's pleasant enough.

Klik hier voor de recensie in het Nederlands.

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