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Review Devil May Cry (PS3): I was right. This game does not deserve to be called Devil May Cry!

 genre: hack'n slash, action/adventure

Let me first by starting that I hate to say it, not, but I was right. Devil May Cry was much worse than I expected it to be. It got tedious and boring real fast. The game looks good and flashy enough. Only not once did these visuals impress me. I can appreciate eye candy and the original Devil May Cry franchise knew how to deliver that. But on top of that they provided perfect gameplay and more importantly lots and lots of fun. And this is where Ninja Theory completely fails. The controls even if you get used to it don't feel intuitive. In previous games I never had to think much of how to pull off moves. Here I constantly have to remind myself which weapon to choose to tackle an enemy. This in combination with already slow game frames makes everything far too slow. It feels very lacking. I can't remember ever sighing and saying here we go again in any of the original DMC games not even the second one. Yet here I sighed and moaned constantly. The supposedly better story is the least interesting and it did not help that they kept repeating the same lines over and over again. OMG we know already how special Dante is, just get on with it please. One boring cut scene after another. Some people dissed Devil May Cry 4 big time. But that game had some of the coolest cgi cutscenes made in video game history ever. The arrogance of the developers of Ninja Theory is shameful to say the least. That they got a lot of criticism (as it turns out very deserved criticism) before the game came out is one thing. Very understandable to take it personally. But to then mock the fans and blatantly insult them. You should never ever insult the customers who are buying your product. And we all know the results now don't we. In your face Ninja Theory! Also the mockery was unfounded and showed how little Ninja Theory knew what fans liked about Devil May Cry. Of course you will get angry people if you change a beloved character. BELOVED! BELOVED! BELOVED! We love the original Dante for a reason. And never really for the way he looked. In Devil May Cry 3 I personally though he did not look as nice as in the games before that. But damn, I love DMC 3. It is a game I pick up from time to time and love it as much as I first played it. And that had nothing to do with the way he looked. It was about his personality. Dante maybe wasn't as fleshed out as a character but there was a depth to him. Besides wise cracking and being witty he showed he had heart. That is what the whole title of Devil May Cry is about. Did Ninja Theory get that? Dante was a cool mofo and he did not need to swear to be a badass. He just was and is. I could have overlooked this lack of insight had they offered the same epic gameplay as in the original games. Ninja Theory screwed up big time in that department. Already discussed the bad controls. So moving on to other elements. Platforming! If it was part of solving a puzzle or opening a door then a little of that makes sense. Here they randomly throw it in completely ruining the pace. Making it even slower. Who thought of this? An already slow game made even slower. WTF???? Let us skip this and go to the boss battles. What boss battles? The few that were present were hardly creative or imaginative. Except maybe the night club mission with Mundus spawn. In design that is. When it came to gameplay it was not interesting or challenging. After defeating a boss it never really felt like you really accomplished something. Defeating a Dreamrunner one of the later enemies was much so much more satisfying because it is one of the enemies that came close to relying on skill. At one point I really struggled and could not motivate myself to play this game any further. I took a break. One day. And then went back to it. This time I managed to stay on but it sure was difficult to enjoy myself. Since there was nothing that felt like truly epic. Even the Mundus Boss Battle was uninspired and looked very similar to the Saviour boss fight of DMC 4.  Plus it is one of the easiest boss fights in the game. The end fight even while it is interesting story wise is so predictable and utterly lazy. It just shows how much original ideas have been put in by Ninja Theory. In case you are wondering that is zero. They haven't done anything remotely original or creative to breathe new life in to franchise that did not need it in the first place.

I know a lot of people will have excuses for this average title. Like that it is replayable and more fun on higher difficulty settings so on and so on. After having replayed some levels I can see that some of them are more fun with increased abilities and upgrades. But replaying these levels still become a tedious affair because it becomes apparent that besides the barely adequate combo system there is nothing to this Devil May Cry. I have given this title the chance to convince me otherwise. In fact I was looking forward to be proven wrong. Overall this title is amongst the worse of hack and slash titles I have played. Why? There is no soul to this product. A lot of pretension and arrogance surrounding this title by the developers has taken all out of the enjoyment of what should have been a non pretentious and fun experience. 

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