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Review Shadow of the Colossus (PS2): To me this game is a work of art!

genre: action. adventure

When I saw this game being played in the movie "Reign Over Me" I just had to see for myself what kind of a game this was.Of course I had heard about it before but for some reason it didn't impress me that much to buy and play the game. Now having it played and still playing it from time to time I must say that "Shadow of the Colossus" is a must own game. All this game does is breath ambiance. When you step into this world you really feel isolated and confused since the plot is not explained at all. While I hate abstract concepts in movies and games in this particular case it does work. Accompanied by your trusty horse it is you against the biggest creatures you can imagine. The horse is even essential in some missions. In short he is your best friend and you care for him. Fighting the monsters at first can be intimidating since hardly any explanations are given apart for some hints while you try to figure out your strategy. But soon after you get the idea it isn't that hard. Controlling you character and the horse does take some time getting used to but after defeating your first boss you will get the hang of it. After you have slain your first monster you will feel glad and sad at the same time. Defeating this huge monster will give you a big sense of accomplishment. But you will also feel that there is something tragic about his death. I have slain monsters in several other games but not once did I feel sad about killing these creatures. "Shadow of the Colossus" is actually one tragic event to another tragic event in order to achieve a beautiful goal which gets clear in the intro of the game.And that is real rare to see in a game. Does this game have a satisfying ending? To me it did,but it depends on your interpretation of the end sequence. Since it is not spelled out. To me this game is a work of art!

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