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Review DmC: Devil May Cry Demo ps3 (2012)

genre: action/adventure, hack 'n slash

After hearing the news about a reboot I got worried because of the possible changes that might occur. And let's face it emo Dante did not make a good impression. I as a fan could not understand why they would choose to reboot the franchise while there was still so much story left to tell. I thoroughly enjoyed DMC 4 and wanted that to be continued. Then more and more got revealed about the reboot and there is only so much you can tell from watching images and trailers. That is why I was happy that they decided to make a demo. This way I can get a taste and see if it is really that dreadful or awesome.

For some reason Heavenly Sword from Ninja Theory is very disliked by fans of the hack and slash genre. Sure the game was not entirely what I expected it to be and had some game play elements that could spoil the mood because it required the six axis (motion sensitive) controls although it was possible to turn it off and simply use the analogue stick. The other bad element was quick time events that had to be completed otherwise you had to start all over again. Press one button wrong no matter when and you were screwed. Now that was frustrating to say the least. Still I thought as an overall product it offered what I like in the genre.Which is stylish hacking and slashing.I think it is not exactly fair to compare this game to masterpieces like God of War, Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry. Not every game can be as good as those. But to be honest Heavenly Sword was a fun experience for me.With this in mind I knew that Ninja Theory with a lot of hard work and improvement just might be able to deliver all that stylish goodness we want from Dante and co.

However after playing the demo I am not really jumping with joy. The one thing that every Devil May Cry game had until so far was tight controls. It made the combat slick and fast and intuitive. I don't know what Ninja Theory was thinking.But using the shoulder buttons to pull of some essential moves like long jumping feels awkward.And why is there no lock on???. Most of the moves were based on the whole lock on concept.I mean really. Ok.Maybe with a little more practice that problem can be tackled. Another thing you will immediately notice is the speed. How on earth can a new game be so much slower. I don't mind taking it easy in games but in a Devil May Cry game,that is simply not done. One of the things I loved about Devil May Cry was to be able to wield swords and shoot guns that were equally effective. Here the guns are pretty much useless. Ebony and Ivory are merely props. Maybe later in the game they might be improved upon.Visually I think the demo looked great enough but it's a step back from DMC 4. That one simply looked gorgeous.I was digging the whole limbo thing if only there was more to it than that awful platforming. So it changes the scenery and may look cool at times. But did it come across as threatening.Nope. The enemies were laughable.Those reaper like enemies from early games were no joke. They laughed and screamed in a way that you know you had to be careful. Not once did I feel like that in the demo.

Of course I can bitch and moan some more. And to be honest I was expecting way worse. But even when I liked some bits I can't say I feel compelled to play this game.It bares the name only doesn't feel like it belongs in the franchise.

After playing the demo a second time on Nephilim mode (hard) the game was far more enjoyable. Although it seems to encourage button mashing rather than actual having control and skill. And lets be honest with the way the controls are set up it is a bit tasking to learn them so why bother. With less focus on combat itself you can enjoy some stylish moves made by Dante. A little nod to the previous games I guess only difference is that a lot of these stylish moves are hardly effective. It's all for show and that is a shame.But in all fairness I can understand why some people would find this game appealing.      


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