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Review Gone (2012): Will be rewarding if you give it a chance!

genre: thriller

Gone already is an underrated thriller. The reviews would have you believe this is an awful movie while in truth this a thoroughly enjoyable movie if you give it a chance. So it's not Hitchcock or David Fincher. But it does succeed in caring for the main character and her quest. Which is to find her sister who suddenly disappeared without leaving a single message. Our main character Amanda Seyfried is the only one who is certain her sister is abducted. No one else (including the police) believes anything she says. For which they do have a good reason. And this does add to the suspense. Now I personally am also looking for brilliant on your edge seat thrillers as many as possible. But those are relative hard to find. Let's face it. It's hard to come up with stories so creative and surprising that haven't been done before. Which is one of the reasons I go retro and watch everything I have skipped on. Or look for movies like this one that get trashed by reviewers for being average or even bad. Because sometimes those are the ones that do what I want them to do or surprise me the most. In this case there won't be original twists or turns. But my attention was grabbed from start to finish. Which I can't say for a lot of contemporary movies I have seen. I do think that when it comes to thrillers or horrors one has to be able to suspend disbelief and follow the logic or rules of the universe in that movie. Which is not always that easy. Gone however doesn't go over the top that the events are that inconceivable. Of course there are moments that have you thinking."Wait a minute! Tell me that did not just happen". Like the masters of horror and thrillers weren't guilty of that.  Guess what, those are the moments that I like the most when pulled of right. Gone is filled with those moments and gets away with it in large part because of the very lovable Amanda. That doesn't mean I agreed with all the logic of the story and the character. It simply means I was able to overlook them and got rewarded for doing so. Give it a chance!  

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