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Review Nightmare City (1980) a.k.a. Incubo a.k.a. City of the Walking Dead (1980)

genre: horror, action

If you thought fast zombies or infected was a contemporary invention then you are mistaken. Nightmare City already featured them. Not only are these zombies (yes, I call them zombies) fast. They are also intelligent. They can do almost anything except speak and drive cars. You will see them wield blades, use guns, crowbars and more. Plus they attack in groups exactly like the slow ones do. One thing that I have to be clear about is that Nightmare City is NOT SCARY! Even when this movie takes itself seriously. There is just enough of an ambiance to give it that apocalyptic feel. But never is it really frightening or creepy. You can tell that Nightmare City is a low budget production. Especially the make up effects. But still very effective. Do I need to discuss the acting? For the most part decent enough to sit through. A lot of characters act really stupid. Especially two important female characters. One supposedly a surgeon. I was rooting for the zombies to kill her off. Then there was this other woman. Her father who is a General sends a soldier to pick her and her husband up to bring in safety. She unaware of the nightmare is curious enough to ask herself why that is and tries to call him. When the line got cut off her conclusion is "it must not have been important". Even if you are oblivious to the danger and such wouldn't you even have the sense to consider that the hanging up might have been an accident? Or god forbid think that something bad might be up?  Don't worry, there are only a few moments like that but they will be aggravating. Apart from that Nightmare City is action filled and very entertaining. It even has a semi clever ending. What more do you want!  

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