Review Mission Impossible 1, 2, 3 and 4: Overall this is one of the best movie franchises to have come in existence next to that British guy!

Review Mission Impossible (1996)

This one I saw in the theater when it was just released and believe me that I did not know what hit me. From start to finish this was one amazing thrill ride. I never really understood the criticism that the story was confusing. (Completely following the line of the original TV show and the remake as they were also full twists and turns). With a little attention it was very good to follow. Perhaps that was it. People were expecting a popcorn movie and in stead they were made to pay attention. Luckily for the less observant there were three huge action sequences that compensated the somewhat complex plot.Which was a bonus for the ones who were following the story without problems.  Prague to me is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and Brian de Palma made excellent use of the city as it is almost a character of it's own. Dark, haunting but gorgeous. Undoubtedly the best in the film series.

Review Mission Impossible II a.k.a. MI:2 (2000)

For a long time this entry directed by John Woo was a favourite of mine. And that was particularly based on the last half hour. Which is one long string of extremely stylised and exciting action sequences showing a glimpse of what John Woo has to offer. But having re watched MI:2 several times I also can't overlook that it's heavily flawed. Mainly because this one completely lacked in plot. Like they were admitting that the first was so complex that it needed simplifying. Only with the result of being the exact opposite and too simple. Although it was more emotional than the first one which is effective the first time you see it especially in combination with Hans Zimmer's musical score. But after several viewings it looses that dramatic effect and at times breaks down the pace and gets in the way of the action. ( I read that John Woo originally made a 3,5 hour cut that contained a lot more plot and action. That means 1,5 hours are cut and therefore the end result might not be how John Woo had envisioned it. This makes me very curious. And I hope that his cut will be released so that I can see for myself if they done him right or wrong. Seeing how Woo has delivered top quality work when it comes to the majority of his older action films I am giving him the benefit of a doubt.) Still stylishly I prefer this over the third. Like it or hate it even when I know that it pales in comparison to Woo's earlier Hong Kong work his stamp is all over MI:2. And that is the saving grace. So yes style over substance but solid entry nonetheless.

Review Mission Impossible III (2006)

Strangely enough I only have watched MI:3 (properly) once. I have tried watching it several times but never managed to do so since I do feel that there isn't much that really holds my interest. Maybe because it relies more on suspense and surprises than the other elements.Which could make it less exciting to sit through a second viewing. Also the characters aren't that fun to look at the second time. The original Mission Impossible used suspense differently, sure it relied on some surprises but in combination with well choreographed and stylish action. Even knowing the twists and turns does not make it less enjoyable. And I wished I could say that of MI:3. Is it fair to look it at this way? In this case I do think so since the previous movies with all it's flaws are still enjoyable. To be clear I was fully entertained the first time I saw it. How could I not. Only with the emphasis on these twists and turns in stead of the action it is more a thriller than an action thriller. And thrillers usually are movies that can only be watched one time.

Review Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)

This fourth entry was mind blowing good. Not that there was that much depth although it had that vibe to it. Vastly superior to the third entry. Especially when it comes to stunts and action. I also liked the comedy bits. Ethan Hunt while hanging from the highest building in the world manages to make us laugh. Brad Bird understood how to balance out the suspense, action and thrills. For example he knows how to make good use of Simon Pegg's comedic talent especially in those tense moments that needed release. In fact he shows different sides to the main characters. Because of that they were much more interesting. More importantly the main characters actually formed a real team in this one. It simply is a joy to watch them in action. Is this the best in the film series? Well, the general consensus does make it appear that way. And with the numbers to support it's hard to not acknowledge that. Although I do think it has to be taken in consideration that 2011 barely had proper popcorn movies that were this good. To me it's the second best in the series.  

Overall this is one of the best movie franchises to have come in existence. Just as that British know... that guy...what's his name again James....oh yes...James Bond.

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